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ZOOM is a great way to communicate to your team but a larger crowd is harder to manage. Sharing your screen doesn’t look that good and videos are a no no... we have developed a step by step process that will help you manage a slick and professional meeting for larger audiences. jumping into the streaming wagon due to the recent situation is not an easy task and it requires much more than a laptop and a camera. We are EXPERIENCED and we have been doing this for a while. this is why we are spilling the beans and giving away all our streaming secrets... but if you need a professional hand we are a few clicks away.


Zoom-2-webcast separates the speakers and the audience into two different groups. This allows the speakers and their team to keep things flowing in one direction without the audience interrupting the workflow of the session, it also avoids having uninvited guests, people with technical issues and people coming in and out of the session, among other distractions.


We capture the video feed from the meeting, typically Zoom, and then we send this to a fully branded webcast page. As operators we ensure the workflow of the meeting as well as a smooth and professional start and finish. We manage the speakers and make sure only the speaker who’s turn is to present is shown in FULL SCREEN at all times, avoiding the video feed changing to other speakers that are not presenting at that moment.

As operators, we have the capacity to change the video feed being sent to the webcast, and push other assets such as videos, PPT slides, holding slides or music. We can also capture the video feed from other meeting platforms such as BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Skype, MS Teams, and many others.


Our production software allows us to capture the video and audio feeds from the meeting and send this and other assets to the webcast window. So, in case one of the speakers has a video or any other asset they wish to share, we will push it from our end.

This eliminates the need to screenshare their desktop as this doesn’t look quite right and there might be sensitive information that other people should not see.


From the audience’s point of view, this format allows them to remain as viewers and have participation only when they are intended to. Much like what we experience in a traditional meeting with speakers at the front and the audience listening to the presentation.

The Q&A session is held at the end of the presentation, and questions will be moderated by one person. With this format, we allow participants to submit their questions in advance, so the moderator can filter and have them ready to be asked to the speakers. Instead of printed materials, participants can download a PDF version of the slides and other materials that the speakers wish to make available to them.


If you are asking what it is that webcast offers that you can’t get with a Zoom call or a simple webinar, here are a few points that highlight some of the webcast features that are not available with other conferencing platforms.

On Demand - A webcast is always recorded and will be available for your audience to be viewed as many times as they wish for a period of time, usually one year.

Viewer’s Data - The audience can register and pre-register before the presentation starts, all registrations and activity from each viewer is stored as statistics data for later use. We send this information to you after the presentation is finished.

Security – People are only allowed to watch the webcast as passive viewers and they are not allowed to join the “speakers area” where they can interrupt the workflow of the meeting. We can also further restrict access with password protection and domain restriction.

Branding – All pages are branded, matching the client’s brand guidelines. All logos contain links that can take the viewer to the client’s web page.

Synchronised Slides – The slides on a webcast run next to the speaker’s video feed. This means that viewers will always be seeing both, the slides, and the speakers throughout the presentation.

Chapters – All slides form a chapter which will then allow us to create a point in the video for people to jump to if they are watching the On-Demand version.

Web Based – All webcasts are web based so viewers don’t need to download any apps or extensions onto their computers or mobile devices. It works with all browsers, mobile phones, and tablets. Viewers receive ONE single link which will take them to the registration page, preview page and LIVE page. The same link will be used for the On-Demand page.

Portal - If you have a series of presentations, we can hold all of these inside a branded portal for your audience to see without having to leave your web page.


  • Before the event, we gather all speakers

on a secured and private meeting. This can be Zoom, Skype, BlueJeans MS Teams or any other. The audience will be waiting on a separate link which is the webcast link. They will see a countdown timer to the start of the presentation.

  • We will have a conversation about the start of the meeting, the agenda, Q&A and general workflow. As we control the slides, we will remind them to give us a cue to when to change their slides. (a final PPT or PDF deck must be sent to us at least 1 hour before the meeting for us to upload to the system).

  • The webcast will start 15 minutes before the LIVE start of the meeting. We will put a holding slide and holding music to generate interest and let the audience know we will be starting soon.

  • Once all the speakers and operator are ready to start, the operator will give a brief introduction and will then open the webcast for all to see the first speaker. From here the presentation should run as stated on the agenda until we reach the Q&A session.

  • Questions should arrive to the moderator directly. This person will then handle the Q&A session and will ask the questions to the speakers. (The moderator should be one of the speakers.

  • Once the Q&A session has finished, the moderator hands over to the main speaker for closing remarks and we end the session with a holding slide and music.

  • People on the Zoom (SPEAKERS AREA) can stay in the call for longer to discuss the outcome of the meeting. The operator will let them know when they are clear. We will then prepare the On-Demand version of the presentation and will make this available the same day.

  • People will be able to watch the same presentation as the LIVE one as many times they want.

  • We will send statistics to the client and confirmation that the On-Demand version of the event is now available. If requested, we will send an mp4 of the session to their email.

If you would like to see some examples of this type of presentation and more information on how we can help you, please get in touch.

We can also run a demo with you and your team using the meeting platform you are using.

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