Why Us?

We specialise in high-end tailored events for some of the biggest companies in the UK. We have personally delivered over 5000+ events with a perfect success record.

Our core service relies on the newest and most reliable streaming technologies. Not everybody knows what happens behind the scenes but that is what we are here for. We stream into your private and branded webpage or into your YouTube, Workplace and Facebook channels.



Download Free, plug-in free - IJLO's webcast platform works on a browser-based technology. This means that you don't need any downloads, plug-ins, and you will never have any firewall issues. We also send a multi-bitrate stream with adaptable streams. This way your stream will play depending on your local internet connection and bandwidth. Out platform will detect your OS, Browser and internet speed and will automatically send the stream you need to have the best experience based entirely on your local setup.


Branding - Our webcast templates are fully branded and fully customisable. We are also able to work with your existing APIs and we are able to include any widgets developed by you or any other web developer such as LIVE stock price tickers, shopping cart, betting sheets and direct access to your webpage. 


Synchronised Slides - your PPT or PDF presentation runs along your presentation. We also add chapters, index points and other highlights so you and your viewers can navigate through the presentation. 


Mobile Streaming - We are compatible with all your mobile devices, tablets on iPhone and Andriod platforms so your viewers can catch up with your presentation on-the-go.


Interactive Participation - your viewers can interact with you and your team in real time using any of the real-time facilities such as Q&A, LIVE polling, social media, PDF document downloads and Speaker BIOS.


Stats and Reporting - We send you a detailed list of participants with all the important information you need to measure your the success of every presentation you stream. These insights will give you a solid business case and will provide reliable information for you to generate future leads and get in touch with your audience.


Security - We deal with information that moves markets and might even change history. Besides the usual secure certificates such as SSL and HTTPS, we give you the option of securing your presentation with the most advanced features where only certain people or only people inside your organisation will be able to see your presentation. We offer from a simple password to an IP restriction down to a single user's private computer.

IJLO's Service  - We have perfected our service and webcast packages to make your life simpler and run the event as smooth as possible with the least amount of friction on the day of the event. This is why we offer webcast packages that offer everything you will need from beginning to end.


Production - We know that you are most busy on the day of the event and the last thing you want to do is worry about the AV or webcast side of things to go wrong and you have to intercede to make things right. We understand our line of work and respect yours, this is why we take care of every single detail down to the colour and contrast of the screen. This way you only need to show up on the day and give an amazing presentation. We'll do the rest. 


Tailored but not Tailored - This is an example of a webcast package we offer, this includes every element you might need. We will ask some other questions so we can make sure we have everything covered. If there is anything specific you need, we'll make it happen.


  • LIVE video webcast of up to 120 minutes duration

  • 12 months replay - On Demand hosted in our servers

  • Bespoke – Branded template build

  • Registration page

  • Synchronised PowerPoint slides

  • PDF downloadable from documents tab

  • Platforms: Flash, HTML5, iPad & mobile streams

  • Multi-stream - broadband and narrowband

  • Ask a question facility – available on request

  • Mp3 audio - available on request

  • Mp4 video - available on request

  • 1000 concurrent viewers or 50GB of streamed data

  • Registered participant Statistics – Real-time analytics

  • Dedicated webcast project manager with on-site support

  • Dedicated producer throughout the duration of the project

  • On-Site video encoding Equipment

  • iPad for Q&A – no extra charge

  • Site Survey – included in the webcast package


Managed Service - You will have the same dedicated webcast producer throughout the duration of the project. We will fix you with just one producer for as long as you are our client. Unforeseen circumstances or personal emergencies can occur so you will be noticed with enough time if your usual producer is not available, and we will introduce the second in command who will be in charge of your event.


Follow up - We take a proactive approach and take care of everything behind the scenes. If your event is cyclical, we will get in touch ahead of time and will confirm if your usual event is going ahead. If we haven't heard from you for a while we will send a quick email to make sure you don't need anything at that present moment. And do not worry, we will not SPAM you with unnecessary emails. 




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